Love Stories: Engagement Rings Testimonials

Engagement Ring Testimonials with Michelle Kobernick


Proposing to the love of your life is not an easy task. You have to think about how and when to make your move. Some people want it to be a grandiose event, and others want a small and intimate one. One thing is for sure; you need an engagement ring to give to your better half. They are known for being the symbol of a couple's love and devotion to one another. 

One of Michelle’s main characteristics is her attention to detail, and she is good at understanding the style that the clients want. That is why Michelle helps couples create unique and perfect engagement rings. We want to share some experiences that some of the customers have had with Michelle with you. 

The Testimonials 

Michelle made the perfect engagement ring for my fiancé. I never thought I would be saying this, but I found out about her via Instagram looking at #rosecutdiamonds. Once I got the courage to call Michelle,  all my concerns went away. I knew this was the right person who was excited to make the exact ring I was looking for. She was extremely helpful during the design process. I never felt she tried to push me in a direction but instead listened to what I wanted and helped me create it. Even picking the ring up was fun! Thanks again, Michelle, for making this a great experience and making my bride be smile every time she looks at her ring. “ - Adam Liessmann

“Michelle made me the most beautiful custom engagement ring! She spent a lot of time with me fine-tuning the design, making sure it was perfect. I was very particular about what I wanted. Michelle was patient and understanding, and she created exactly what I wanted. My ring is gorgeous and unique. I adore it, and I feel so lucky to have a ring that fits my personality and style. The diamond is natural yet elegant. The setting is modern and simple. I get endless compliments. I could not be happier!” - Karma Fry

“Michelle was great to work with. I decided mid-December that I wanted to propose on the winter solstice, so I had to ask Michelle to expedite the ring-making process. She was awesome and made it happen. I proposed, and she said yes! I’m proud of the ring my wife has on her finger.” - Weston Hall

Remember that you are not limited to the styles that can be used for an engagement ring. Don't settle for a traditional look. Make the ring you give to your future spouse unique by choosing from alternative engagement ring stones.

If you want to customize an engagement ring or purchase a unique stone and setting for yourself and the one you love, visit our website and contact us right now. We can help you customize the ring of your dreams.