Our Materials

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Our Jewelry Materials — Sustainable & Ethically-Sourced

Our jewelry is handcrafted using 100% recycled metals and ethically-sourced sustainable stones. 

Our Standard

While creating unique and high-quality fine jewelry is our utmost priority, maintaining the utmost ethical and sustainable jewelry standards in our crafting process is equally important to us. In choosing our diamond supply partners, we select only those committed to providing top quality, conflict-free diamonds. If you’re looking for a specific diamond that isn’t showing up in our completed pieces, any diamond can be utilized upon request.

Our Process 

Shoot us an email at michelle@mkobernikdesigns.com to schedule a consultation and select your stone. While we have our go-to selections, any stone available on the market is fair game. If you have a custom request for a design using a specific gemstone, please reach out to us and we are happy to discuss further.

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Our Diamonds

Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut diamond received its name due to its facets which are intended to look like an opening rose-bud, while have a flat bottom with a domed top. This allows for a lower profile than a standard brilliant cut diamond with a taller culet.

Rose cut diamonds are hand-cut. Due to the unique touch of each crafter, this ensures that no two rose cut diamonds are alike. This is a highly favored cut, as it features unique inclusions while remaining non-enhanced and natural. Generally speaking, these cuts are less heavy and have a larger surface area. 

Raw Diamonds

Raw diamonds, often referred to as rough or uncut diamonds, are just what they sound like - they have not been altered or manufactured from their natural state. Again, this ensures the production of a one-of-a-kind stone.

All raw diamonds that are imported into the United States must meet the strict requirements of the Kimberley Process, ensuring that all diamonds being traded are conflict free. Click here to learn more about the Kimberley Process. We are proud to partner only with suppliers committed to ethically sourcing high quality diamonds.

Types of Diamonds 

Clear Uncut

Clear raw diamonds are more rare, as they are higher in quality and value. These diamonds are typically cut down and faceted into traditional brilliant cut diamonds. They are translucent, and tend to have a smooth, naturally polished appearance.

De Beers owns a majority of the world’s diamond mines, and of the diamond mines that they own, whatever is extracted of cuttable quality is cut down and faceted. This leaves few mines in the world to produce high-grade, cuttable quality, clear, raw diamonds that our suppliers can source from. Because there are less available on the market, this adds to their rarity and value.

Opaque Uncut

Opaque raw diamonds feature more raw, unusual, and organic shapes. Although they aren’t translucent, the crystalline surface sparkles and catches the light beautifully. These diamonds are more easily sourced, as they are not cuttable grade, and therefore are more available on the market.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The brilliant cut is the most traditional diamond, but one of the most beautiful nonetheless. A brilliant cut diamond is meant to gather the light from above and reflect it back to the observer, or direct it into the diamond's interior. The crown's facets gather and disperse light to create brilliance and brightness. This is a terrific option for brides looking for a classic engagement ring look.

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Clear refers to its translucency and lack of color. There may be slight speckles of color here and there to add character. 

Salt & Pepper (‘Speckled’)

Salt & Pepper (or ‘speckled’ diamonds) are mostly clear with white, grey, or black ‘salt & pepper’ like flecks. 


Not to be confused with a “clear” diamond - a translucent diamond may be any color and may have selective inclusions, but you are able to see through most of or parts of the diamond.


Opaque diamonds can be any color, and have many tones and depth. However, these are not translucent.

Let Us Be Your First Choice For Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Kobernik Designs takes pride in its ethically-sourced and sustainable business practices. No two items are exactly the same and each piece is carefully handcrafted with our high-quality materials. We specialize in custom diamond jewelry and are popular for our custom engagement rings. With years of experience to her name, Michelle is an expert in the field and each piece she designs is a true work of art. 


We are happy to work within any budget you may have. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to receive a quote. 

Email us at michelle@mkobernikdesigns.com to start picking out your jewelry materials and designing your custom ring today!