Engagement Ring History: The Story Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are the beginning of a beautiful walk down the aisle. They are commonly used as a symbol of a couple's love and devotion to one another. But, what if we told you that the engagement ring history isn't exactly as romantic as you think it is?

There is an entirely different reason behind how the engagement ring came about. Read on to find out all of the fascinating details that you need to know right here.

Engagement Ring History: A Sign of Ownership

The beginnings of the engagement ring can be traced back to Ancient Rome. History states that Roman women wore rings that were sometimes made of iron.

The rings were worn to symbolize business contracts, mutual love, and as a sign of obedience. As time went on, the Romans began to wear gold rings as well. The iron rings were for being worn at home, and the gold rings were for being worn out in public on the left hand.


Pope Nicholas, I proclaimed that an engagement ring was a symbol that represented a man's intent to take a women's hand in marriage in 850.

Around this time, a standard gold ring was presented to the women as a product of the man's intent. It wasn't until 1477 when diamonds started to be used in engagement rings. The first known diamond engagement ring was given when Archduke Maximilian of Austria declared his intent to Mary of Burgundy.

Diamonds Become More Popular

Diamonds increased in popularity when Dee Beers, a mining company, launched their campaign about the diamonds. Nowadays, the phrase "a diamond is forever" has been used by various celebrities and in multiple songs. It's also often used in advertising campaigns to get you to purchase a certain company's rings.

Modern Day

In today's world, the engagement ring is still used to declare one's intent to take another person's hand in marriage. However, people now have more options when it comes to ring selections as far as color, diamond size, cut, and the number of diamonds included in the ring. Many engagement rings have even gone so far as to use a variety of non-diamond or raw gemstones.

People construct these elaborate proposals to showcase the love that they have for the person they are proposing to. Most engagement rings can be bought as a stand-alone ring or as a set, meaning that it comes with the engagement ring and the wedding band as well. 

The Proposal

We understand that the engagement ring history may not have been as romantic and exciting as you thought it would be. But, over time the history has evolved, and today the engagement ring can be seen as the beginning of a romantic fairytale.

The best part?  You're no longer limited to only a few styles and options for engagement rings.  With small artisan jewelers and unique diamonds, you can find a stone and set as unique as your love.

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