Alternative Stones for Your Engagement Ring

 alternative engagement ring stones


They say that diamonds are a woman's best friend. But not many people know where this trope actually comes from.

Although the particular line comes from a famous play from the 1920s, the idea was all part of a genius advertising campaign that was self-sustained for nearly a century.

Alternative Engagement Ring Stones

Many people have begun opting for alternative stones that would their engagement rings feel more special in recent years. If you are looking for alternative engagement ring stones to replace the traditional diamond, you could consider a few options. 


Morganite has become the alternative stone of choice for engagement rings. They can deal with everyday wear. And they are beryl, so they share the same family as emeralds. Clear and beautiful, these stones are one option for a diamond alternative.

They can vary widely in price, so it is best to do your research on them. But you will love their simple charm.


Aside from diamonds, rubies have a reputation for being another traditional stone for engagement. their blood-red hue is always captivating. Not only are they hardy, but they are also quite expensive.

Rubies have been frequently known to be more expensive than diamonds, with the Burmese strains being the most valuable.


Sapphires are iconic, and even though the blue hue is the in thing, sapphires come in all colors. The accent diamonds well and is almost as hardy.

One of the most famous sapphire rings is the one that once belonged to Princess Diana. Make your fiance feel like a princess and consider sapphire!


Emeralds, along with Rubies and Sapphires, are one of the classic precious stones. Although they are not as popular as they once were, emeralds with their distinctive green hues are a bold statement to make with a modern setting that we can make for you.


If an average person were to compare Moissanite stones and diamonds, they probably wouldn't tell the difference. These stones are the best alternatives if you want a diamond look with the diamond. 

Rivaling diamonds in splendor, they are also almost as hard as their counterparts.

These days, they may be more affordable because they are mostly lab-grown.

Choose What's Best For You

Engagements are wonderous occasions that are the first step toward your beautiful marriage. You don't have to settle for a traditional look. Make the ring you give to your future spouse unique by choosing from alternative engagement ring stones.

Even if you go with the diamond, make it a diamond they've never seen before. They're special to you, and you should give them something just as special.  

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