Get to Know Michelle

Get to Know Michelle

Michelle Kobernik is a creator of exquisite customized jewelry. Her journey as a jewelry designer started when she accompanied a friend to a gem show. 

Since that day, she has created quite a name for herself. 

Today, we are talking about her start and how she turned her passion into a Jewelry design business. Keep reading as we get to know Michelle and more about M. Kobernik Designs.

Let's Get to Know Michelle and Her Start in Making Jewelry

Michelle has always had a love for precious gems. Her jewelry design ideas are sparked from her love of nature, travel experiences, and a natural gift of creativity.

Making jewelry was coincidental. She discovered a diamond at a Tucson, Arizona gem show. "I was there with a friend who was looking for a diamond she could use in an engagement ring."

Michelle admits she ended up purchasing a stone the friend did not want. 

Prior to that day, her interest was in rocks and gemstones. Following the purchase, she decided to take a silversmithing class. Using the skills learned on the first day, she set the stone and created her first ring.

From that day, she knew jewelry design was something she wanted to pursue as a living.

Making the Decision to Sell Jewelry 

Michelle had that eureka moment when she took her first silversmith class and discovered that jewelry was something that she had a passion for. 

After taking a few classes, she started renting the studio. "I was renting the studio for $10 per hour and then realized that I could invest that money for my own tools". 

Michelle took that next step and started investing in her tools. She purchased her own equipment and started a home studio.

Building on Her Craft

Michelle's artistic abilities are her greatest asset. This is true with most creatives, whether it's designing wood furniture or making jewelry. 

As her interests grew, she invested in professional-level instruction. Michelle's knowledge and know-how come from reading manuals, watching videos, and asking questions. 

Her design techniques came through trial and error, and never being too hard on herself. She loves experimenting and trying new techniques. 

Keeping up with Trends

Michelle refers to her designs as trendy. She does not focus too much on keeping up with jewelry trends. Her key to longevity is using new techniques to install gemstones in jewelry designs that are on-trend.

Her inspiration comes from social media and watching other jewelry makers. She also looks out for what jewelry lovers are wearing.

That's it for Now

We hope you enjoyed this "Get to Know Michelle" segment. It is always nice to get to know creatives on a deeper level.

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