How We Make Custom Made Jewelry: Our Process

There are two reasons why people say diamonds are forever: because they've genuinely been around forever and because of that, they're timelessThere's no better rock to symbolize your engagement than using one that's been valued since the 4th century BC.

As diamonds entranced the globe, they became one of the finest and most sacred royal possessions. Still today, diamonds are used to signify the special occasions.

While diamonds remain a forever favorite, everyone deserves a ring that rings true for them individually. Custom made jewelry sparks an emotional connection to your engagement ring that ensures it'll last forever.

To get a sure YES! from your partner, read about these benefits of custom-designed jewelry.

Custom Made Jewelry

If a partner's surprised once you've popped the question, it's likely for two reasons: 1) the way you asked and 2) from the ring itself.

If the ring makes the moment, finding the right one is everything. No pressure.

While ring shopping can be daunting, choosing customized or hand-made jewelry makes it less daunting. Instead of choosing from any pretty ring, custom jewelry makes it so that you can focus on what you know—your partner.

Custom jewelry brings intention to the table. It puts you in charge of your experience. At such a transformative time, it only feels right to go custom.

Customized jewelry begs the following questions:

  1. What ring best embodies their energy?
  2. Their personality?
  3. Your relationship?
  4. What kind of ring makes you say, Yep, that's the one?

Before you get your answer, you'll likely need to consider these things:

Going beyond the conventional realm and into custom, jewelry makes for a deeply personal moment.

What Is Custom Jewelry?

If you've ever wondered how jewelry is made, buying custom is your chance to learn. Having specific preferences for your ring allows for an active role in the creation process.

Once you have your dream ring in mind, there's just one more thing to think about: ethics.

Using Recycled Materials

Where does jewelry come from? While many don't think about jewelry's previous lives, history tells us it's had many. As a result, it's important to think ethically about your purchase.

Using recycled materials for gold and silver is an environmentally friendly and thoughtful way to invest in your ring.

Conflict-Free Purchase

Because diamonds have a loaded past, there's no need to drag that drama into your engagement. Clearing your conscience with conflict-free rings makes for a fresh start to your new chapter.

Get Custom Made Jewelry Online

Buying custom jewelry is not just about getting a piece of custom jewelry in the mail. It's a process and a journey that results in the pure, unmatched, forever joy that jewels were meant to provide.

Now once you pop the question, there's another WOW! Factor involved—the story behind the ring and the benefits of custom made jewelry.

For your one-of-a-kind love, why not a one-of-a-kind ring?

Become part of the customized jewelry movement to remember what gave crowned jewels their meaning in the first place.

Call us today for a custom consultation to bring your dream ring to life!