Ethical Jewelry 101: Why Buy Jewelry Made From Recycled Gold and Silver?

Did you know that mining just an ounce of gold can result in 20 tons of solid waste?  No wonder, millennials are socially conscious customers. Gold mining has jeopardized the health of the environment.  

However, there is now an alternative: ethical jewelry. With this guide, you can learn about recycled gold and silver. From it’s environmental advantages to being an ethical purchase, recycled gold and silver provide more benefits than one might think.  

Now, are you ready to be surprised? Here’s why you should purchase recycled gold and silver:

What is Recycled Gold?

Before we jump right in, it’s important to define recycled gold. Recycled gold is any gold that’s been previously refined. Meaning that the gold comes from numerous places, including scrap and waste metal, post-consumer products, gold-bearing products, and other sources. 

To create a final product, the gold is then melted down. Melting the gold allows it to reach its purest form. 

It’s Better for the Environment 

Recycled gold is better for the environment since it decreases the negative impacts of gold mining. You see, gold mining companies are continuously searching for new places to find gold. 

Although, after a while, companies will run out of places to look. Just think back to the California Gold Rush, the technology they used caused irreversible environmental damage. Rivers were clogged, the land was torn up, and forests were logged all as a means to find more gold to sell. 

Recycled gold and silver reduce those hazardous effects. Since gold is a renewable resource, it can be recycled over and over again without losing its value or purity. To ensure environmental sustainability, artisans recycle metals that are already in circulation. 

It’s an Ethical Purchase

When purchasing recycled gold, you never have to question if your jewelry has caused harm to the world. Like conflict-free diamonds, recycled gold is produced ethically. It doesn’t involve the use of unethical mining practices, unsafe working conditions, or child labor.

Instead, recycled gold re-purposes metals, so developing nations aren’t further damaged by the corruption of large mining companies. When producing recycled gold, artisans ensure that their trading partners are transparent, and have sustainable ideals. 

Many artisans will even outline their production procedures and their handling methods if asked. By being open and honest about their policies, you can trust that they have the best intentions in mind. 

For example, I try to use EVERY piece of metal that comes through my workshop.  In the photo you can see me melting down scrap silver to make little balls that I can then use for embellishments on rings or pendants.

Are You Ready to Buy Ethical Jewelry? 

Ethical jewelry is not only better for the environment, but it’s better for you too. With recycled gold, you can now wear your jewelry with pride. By purchasing recycled gold and silver, you’re choosing a conflict-free and sustainable option that’s better for the world. To find the best sustainable jewelry, check out our products on our website.