What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond? (and Why They Make Beautiful Engagement Rings)

What Is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

When people think of an engagement ring, many picture a sparkling white diamond. No matter the shape or size, a glittery diamond with incredible clarity has been the standard for decades. But in modern times, there's another option.

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, a salt, and pepper diamond has become a new favorite. Here's why you should consider this alternative style.

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Salt and pepper diamonds have inclusions that appear to be black and white. Inclusions are characteristic flaws on the inside of a diamond. They occur as part of the natural crystal structure and often can't be seen by the naked eye.

However, in a salt and pepper diamond, these inclusions are more visible. And like all regular diamonds, the number of inclusions varies for each stone. No two are alike, making salt and pepper diamonds an incredibly unique option for your engagement ring.

The coloring can also vary between diamonds. Some will have more dark spots, creating a moody aesthetic. Others are bright with a few dark blemishes, and some can even appear gray in color.

While these gems have an alternative look, they're still classified as diamonds. Salt and pepper diamonds are just as rare and valuable as their clear white counterparts. They just have more character.

Why This Should Be Your Engagement Diamond

Salt and pepper diamonds are great for the fiancé who wants to stand out. But they offer more than just beauty. Here are a few benefits of a salt and pepper diamond for your engagement ring.

Unique Appearance

What draws people to these diamonds is their unique look. From mysterious blacks to smoky greys, these diamonds will always be a showstopper. With a speckled diamond, you'll look like you have a galaxy glittering in your ring.


With more people becoming more conscious about the environment and traditional diamonds' ethical issues, salt and pepper diamonds have risen as a great alternative.

Salt and pepper diamonds take fewer resources to mine than traditional diamonds. This process leads to less impact on the environment and fewer questions of ethics.


A salt and pepper engagement ring has more versatility than its traditional counterpart. These diamonds often come in cuts that aren't available in the familiar white diamond. Salt and pepper stones also lend themselves to being highly customizable.

Many people buy a loose salt and pepper diamond and customize the setting and stones around it. This variety, paired with the natural color differences, is guaranteed to catch the eye.

Stand Out With a Salt and Pepper Diamond

An engagement ring is the most special piece of jewelry you could give or receive. If you're going to wear it for the rest of your life, it should be unique. A salt and pepper diamond provides that originality while still being dazzling.

Maybe you like an alternative style. Or maybe you're looking for a more ethical way to symbolize your commitment. Whatever the reason, consider a salt and pepper diamond to fit your needs.

If you're ready to pick out a ring that makes a statement, allow us to help you find the engagement ring of your partner's dreams.