Shhh! How to Design a Secret Engagement Ring Without Her Finding Out

Secret engagement Ring Michelle Kobernik


As one of the most memorable and special days of your life goes, getting engaged with the perfect ring is going to be pretty important. But how can you create the dream engagement ring without your future wife knowing? 

There are so many things to organize for your big proposal, so to make things easier, we've come up with ways to help you design a secret engagement ring without giving anything away. Oh, and we didn't want to leave you out. Keep reading to find out about custom rings for men too. 

Listen Out for Hints

It's likely you and your loved one will have talked often about marriage, so they might specifically point out what they love and also what they dislike. 

However, if this isn't the case, note any sneaky hints they might be dropping whenever they mention jewelry. When you walk past a jewelry store, are they drawn to certain rings? Do they comment on a friend's engagement ring or acknowledge jewelry ads on TV or social media?

Speaking of social media, do they have any images saved? Their Pinterest could well be the perfect place to find designs they really love. There's even a chance they could have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them!

Recruit the Help of Friends

While you may be their soulmate, sometimes it's their friends who understand their fashion tastes. As long as you know they can keep a secret, why not speak to their close family and friends and find out if she's dropped any hints to them. 

A good tactic is to encourage their friends to steer the conversation towards engagement rings to find out what she likes and report back to you. 

Choose a Metal They'll Love

When choosing a custom design engagement ring, you'll need to think about the type of metal. Most rings are made from silver, platinum, and yellow or white gold. As you design your own, it means you can choose any metal you like. There are even options for recycled metals if your bride-to-be is an eco-warrior. 

Look Out for The Jewelry They Already Wear

One way to help you decide on the metal is by paying close attention to the jewelry they already own and checking to see if they have a preference. It doesn't stop at the metal though, what about the style? Is it bright and bold, or delicate and intricate?

A lot can be discovered through their sense of style. Are they quirky and eccentric, vintage and traditional, or modern and minimalistic? These are all elements that can help the jeweler in the design process. 

Borrow One of Their Rings to Design their Secret Engagement Ring

By taking one of their current rings to your jeweler, you can help determine the size and style she likes. This will be beneficial in creating the final piece. Check out our blog for tips on working with an artist to create custom, unique engagement rings. 

Custom Wedding Rings Are For Men Too

We often think of the wedding day as the bride's dream day, but what about the groom? Wedding rings for men are just as important for their special day, so it's only right that men can also express themselves through custom rings. 

Ring designs for men are becoming more elaborate, focusing on interesting shapes, meaningful color choices, and special details. Here are some ways to get inspired. 

If you really want to get creative, some men choose to customize their rings with engravings, such as their favorite team's logo, a good choice if you have two bands, one for work and the other for play. 

Popular Ways to Wear Your Ring

Your ring can be worn in multiple ways. Some men choose to wear a wedding band on a chain around their neck, close to their heart. Other's hold sentimental value in wearing their wife's engagement ring on their pinky fingers in memory of the special proposal. 

Find Your Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

To begin designing your future wife's secret engagement ring, or your very own piece, reach out to Michelle to find your perfect custom engagement ring.