Get Inspired! How to Come up With Ideas for Your Custom Ring

Custom Ring Design Ideas


Diamonds are forever, both in terms of their unrelenting beauty and their significance in highlighting eternal love. Before each of the two million weddings in the United States every year, the marriage proposal is centered on the engagement ring. With so many engagements occurring every day, the uniqueness of your special moment can be diluted somewhat.

However, with a custom ring, you will have a wholly unique piece of jewelry that is personalized to you and your relationship. A custom-designed ring is one that evokes special meaning everything time you look at it. Custom rings aren't only for engagements either, as they can a perfect gift for you or someone special on any occasion.

This blog post will look at four great ways to ensure that your custom ring design is truly one-of-a-kind. M. Kobernik Designs specializes in stunning custom jewelry designs for every occasion.

1. Search for Photos

Taking the time to research different styles, shapes, colors, and jewels is a great place to start. For example, if you search for something with deep meaning to you, take a look at old family photos and see the kind of rings your parents, aunts, and grandparents were wearing.

If you admire a celebrity, look up their ring choices and see what designs feel right for you. Having some visual inspiration is a great starting point for designing your custom-made ring.

2. Think of Special Details

As noted, a great piece of jewelry evokes special memories for you. Think about your past experiences, your relationship, even your plans. Let these feelings guide your design choices.

If your mother or grandmother spoke about her love for diamonds or a particular color you love, let them deep feelings guide you.

If you are environmentally conscious, you may consider using recycled materials. If you care passionately about human rights, a conflict-free diamond is an excellent option. Give thought to your passions in life and harness them as you decide on your design.

3. Choose a Meaningful Color

Nothing says unique and personalized, like adding your own color to a ring. Every color tells a different story and can be symbolic of special memories in your life. From pink, orange, and yellow to black, blue, and more, you can select a color that is truly meaningful to you.

4. Get Creative With Shapes

As with color, your gemstone's cut and shape help to express your personality and uniqueness. There is a wide range of exciting options available, including marquise, half-moon, oval-cut, shield, triangle, octagon, and princess. Choosing the perfect option for me is an enjoyable part of the process.

Express Yourself With A Custom Ring

Whatever the occasion, let your uniqueness shine through with a custom ring. At M. Kobernik Designs, we design stunning custom jewelry pieces that really do last forever. Please choose one of our custom-designed conflict-free rings and shine your personality shine bright.