Tips for Working With an Artist to Craft a Custom Engagement Ring

Tips for Working With an Artist to Craft a Custom Engagement Ring

If you like it, you should put a ring on it. But which ring should you choose? 

There are plenty of artists for custom engagement rings. It can be difficult to find the right artist for you. Even if you find that perfect artist, talking to them about what you want can be difficult. 

Don't panic. You can adopt some simple solutions to work with an artist on your custom engagement ring. Here is a quick guide. 

Allow Extra Time for a Custom Engagement Ring

Plan your wedding well in advance. Try to plan several months so you can work out any problems that may arise. 

Work this time to your advantage. Give yourself plenty of time to find an artist for your ring. Shop around with different artists and compare their services to each other. 

When you pick the artist you want, give them time to plan out different designs. Give yourself time to think over what you want. You're in no rush, so don't hurry and pick something you'll later regret. 

Set Your Budget

You can get a premium wedding ring at an affordable price. However, the more money you spend, the more options you will have. 

Consider how much you're spending on your wedding as a whole. Set aside a little bit of money for engagement rings. 

For added security, you can ensure your ring. Insurance provides a replacement if your ring gets lost or stolen. If you plan on using precious gems, you should strongly consider insurance. 

Consider Their Tastes

The ring you wear should reflect something about both of you. Talk to your partner about what rings they would like. 

Consider stones, bands, colors, and textures. If there is a color that is significant to both of you, select that color. 

Have Inspiring Images on Hand

Look over photographs that inspire both of you. The photographs can be portraits, landscapes, or abstract works. If there's an image that inspires you, print out the photograph and bring it to your artist. 

They can work the image into their ring design. They can reflect the image in some way, including its colors or textures, into the ring.

Select a Special Stone

Selecting the right stone is about more than the stone itself. Think about the size and style of your ring. 

A big stone is good for a bold fashion statement. For someone with an active lifestyle, you may want a smaller stone. 

Platinum and gold stones indicate luxury. A clear diamond is traditional yet dainty, perfect for someone with a taste in older fashion. 

Choose a Cut

The cut is the most underrated part of the stone. Each cut reflects light and accentuates shapes differently. 

Marquise cuts reflect the most light, with a strong depth of color. Shield cuts are triangular, making the stone a strong statement piece in the ring. Princess cuts involve several facets, creating many sparkles. 

Find Your Soulmate Designer

Designing a custom engagement ring is an essential step in your wedding preparations. But not all artists come alike. 

Take time researching the artists around you. Once you've found the one you like, spend more time considering designs for engagement rings. Set a budget that gives you the resources you need. 

Consider both of your tastes. Look at some inspiring images, then select a special stone and cut that you both will like. 

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