7 Stunning Gemstone Shapes You Need to Know

Cutting gemstones is an intricate and detailed process. The cut, shape, and size of a gemstone significantly affect its aesthetics. 

Choosing a ring or gemstone comes down to you. Personality can be expressed through different cuts and makes the selection process more involved and enjoyable. But what makes each shape unique? 

We personally love Rose Cut Diamonds with a flat surface on the bottom and how they impact the appearance of standard gemstone shapes. Here are eight stunning gemstone shapes you need to know!

Determining Gemstone Shapes and Cuts

Cut and shape work with each other but are completely different terms. They both enhance the color, clarity, and shine of a gem. That is what makes each stone as unique as the wearer. 

The process of cutting a gemstone starts with a rough crystal. But just because the rough stone may be round at first doesn’t mean it has to have a round end cut. Even though diamond shapes have names like Marquise cut or Esmerald cut those names are still referring to diamond shapes, not diamond cut. 

Gemstone cuts differ in the number of facets (aka geometrically flat surfaces) cut into the gem.  For example, rose-cut diamonds are known for their shape versatility you can find them in a wide variety of shapes, like a Cushion, Pear, or Oval cut.

Picking out and purchasing a custom piece of jewelry to symbolize achievement, memorialize a moment, or just because can be an empowering experience. Knowing more about gemstone cuts and shapes beforehand will make buying jewelry a special experience. 

1. Marquise-Cut

A marquise-cut stone will reflect the most light (which means it is extra eye-catching). These gemstone shapes sparkle, unlike any other. The depth of color is vivid and one of the more unique gemstone cuts. 

To get the perfect marquise cut, you need perfect symmetry to the stone and setting. This ensures the stone sits well and won’t chip or break. 

2. Half Moon Cut

If you have an unusual oval piece it may be used as a Half Moon diamond, this cut first started with a broken oval diamond. It has one side with a straight edge and the other side is curved. 

This shape is great to accentuate other shapes and it gives another edge to the ring. They are getting a spotlight from the other commonly used shapes. 

3. Oval-Cut

Similar to a round-cut, an oval cut is much more elegant and unique in shape. Thanks to its elongated size on one end, this gemstone often appears to be larger than it is. 

This illusion cut was popularized in the 1950s. Its *58* facets are unique as they begin to gather closer to each end of the oval.  I love using oval-cut stones in unusual and nontraditional settings.

4. Shield Cut

Triangular in shape, a shield cut diamond more commonly used as a side stone. The shield will accent a center stone with its two bowed edges.  But I love using it as a statement center stone in a power ring. 

This shape is modeled after shields used by warriors throughout history. Outside of a ring, shield cut gemstones are perfect for dangle earrings or pendants. 

5. Triangle Cut

Also known as the trillion cut, a triangle cut maximizes gemstone color. Through the use of symmetry and angles, the dispersement of light is vast in this unique shape. 

Like the oval cut, a triangle cut can make the gemstone appear larger. Triangle gem shapes sometimes do need a little extra cleaning because of the shallow cuts and lack of bend to reflect light. 

6. Octagon Cut

The uniqueness of an octagon cut is undeniable. These rings may appear round at first but when you take a close look you can perfectly see 8 symmetrical side highlights.

The structural look that this cut has can't be matched. 

7. Princess-Cut

Finally, the second most popular gemstone shape is the princess cut. 

No matter how many facets are cut into this stone, the sparkle is maximized. This cut is designed to maximize the potential of a square or rectangle gemstone. This type of cut is considered “a square modified-brilliant cut.”  We say it is fit for a queen.  

Stunning and Sustainable

When it comes to gemstone shapes, you want a stone that speaks to you and your style. 

M. Kobernik Designs does just that with exquisite, custom made jewelry. Our gemstones are hand-selected by Michelle. 

Our commitment to you is a priority to maintain the most ethical and sustainable standards when crafting our pieces. That's why our jewelry is made with 100 percent recycled metals.

When it comes to the gemstones/diamonds themselves, we only select top quality, conflict-free diamonds.

We want to make your experience picking your power ring or engagement ring memorable. Let M. Kobernik Designs handle the details. We want you to be confident in your choice.