Bridal Jewelry Trends in 2020

Bridal Jewelry Trends in 2020


You're about to marry the love of your life, and you have found the perfect dress for the occasion. The only thing left to do is to find the best jewelry to match it.

Don't focus on last year's trends because bridal jewelry is evolving! Use this guide to learn about the latest bridal jewelry trends in 2020.

Unusual Shapes

The most basic bridal jewelry trend is using rounded shapes and princess cuts. Get rid of this old trend by searching for unusual shapes. What better way to spend your big day than by standing out?

Unusual shapes can be worn in different ways. For example, a ring or necklace with an unusually shaped gem can be the perfect addition. Even golden wedding earrings with an unusual shape could work for your day.

Conflict-Free Stones

A conflict-free stone is a natural one that is extracted in a conflict-free zone and sold for profit. The most familiar conflict-free stone is the diamond.

This a bridal jewelry trend that won't just make you look good but will make you feel good too. 

Rose-Cut Diamonds

A rose-cut diamond is simple and elegant. This makes them perfect for a wedding celebration. Rose-cut diamonds have risen in popularity once again in the world of bridal jewelry.

There are a lot of reasons why a rose-cut diamond is so desirable to brides. They are unique, look more prominent, and have a beautiful color. The shape and size are perfect for an engagement ring in 2020.

Colored Stones

A pop of color is becoming a trend for bridal jewelry in 2020. Green especially is becoming the color of the year for brides.

A beautiful colored stone will bring your white wedding gown to life. Whether it is present in a necklace, ring, or even a wedding bracelet for a bride, a colored stone is a perfect addition.

Diamonds With Inclusions

Inclusions are tiny imperfections in a diamond due to the pressure and heat that occurs when a diamond is formed. Most diamonds have inclusions. Despite what you might think, these inclusions are not necessarily a turn-off!

They are unique! An inclusion makes the diamond unique to you. 

Recycled Metals

The biggest trend in 2020 is saving the Earth. This can be taken into consideration even when buying bridal jewelry.

Recycled metals, such as gold and silver, have been previously refined. There are benefits of searching for recycled metals in jewelry. Some benefits include that it is better for the environment, and it is an ethical purchase.

Bridal Jewelry Trends Explained

Now that you know all the best bridal trends of 2020, you can start putting your look together. Stand out on your special day with unusual shapes, rose-cut diamonds, recycled metals, and more. Your perfect look is just around the corner with these fantastic trends.

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