Put a Rose on Your Finger. Why I use Rose-Cut Diamonds in Our Rings.

Most American couples expect to spend between $1000 and $5000 on an engagement ring. When you're looking for a truly unique and stunning ring, make sure it has a rose-cut diamond.

Rose-cut diamonds have a simple elegant luster that will make your ring a timeless piece that will always dazzle. Here's everything you need to know about these stunning stones. 

What Is A Rose-Cut Diamond? 

Rose-cut diamonds have been a staple in antique jewelry for centuries. But they're growing again in popularity because of their simple elegance and warm luster. Since the style has been around for generations, rose-cut diamonds look timeless instead of trendy. 

Rose-cut diamonds have a flat back and domed top with a triangular pattern. It can have anywhere between 3 to 24 different facets that meet in a point at the top of the dome. The various facets meeting look like petals on a rose, which is where it gets its name. 

Looks Bigger

Because of their flat back, rose-cut diamonds carry all their karats on top. This means from the top, they look bigger than sparkle cut diamonds of the same karat. Sparkle cut diamonds carry most of their karat weight below the girdle, so from the same angle, they appear smaller.

There's no wasted karat weight. The diamonds look bigger and spread out further. If you're trying to stretch your dollar and get the biggest looking diamond, rose-cut is your solution. 

Truly Unique

Rose-cut diamonds are also cut by hand, which truly makes them unique. Because you can use any diamond, it allows for endless combinations, ensuring no two rings are exactly alike. 

Color, Clarity, Shape, and Size 

Antique rose diamonds were often cut to preserve the diamond's size, which means they're rarely perfectly round. Rose-cut diamonds come most often in circular shapes, but they can also occur in ovals, kites, hexagons, or even freeform. 

Today, white diamonds are most often used in sparkle cut diamonds to enhance that disco ball shimmer. Since rose cut diamonds have fewer cuts and are more transparent, color is less important. 

That means you can create truly unique and stunning jewelry pieces with rose cut diamonds. Look for stones colors like champagne, grey, salt and pepper, or white. 

Focus on clarity. Since they have fewer cuts to hide internal flaws, the clearer the diamond, the more effective the rose cut. 

But, on the other hand, the flaws within your diamond are more visible with a rose-cut, so it can help accentuate the unique beauty of the stone. 

The Look of a Flower

The shape of the rose-cut diamond looks like petals spilling out around the flower - which is how it gets its name. It has a simple, beautiful elegance, that speaks to nature and a long history. 

Rose-cut diamonds were designed to have the best look under candlelight. Today, they still keep their warmth and elegance. 


Your Engagement Ring Needs a Rose-Cut Diamond

The rose-cut diamond is an elegant, timeless stone that shows warmth, poise, and refinement. When your partner wears a rose-cut diamond, you both know that your love doesn't need gaudy sparkle to shine. 

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