Why You Should Always Wear a Statement Ring

Statement Ring

It's almost time for you to meet up for a night on the town with a bunch of your friends. You're about ready to go, but your outfit is missing something—an awesome accessory to pull the entire look together.

Why not go with the tried and true statement ring? It's a classic choice that goes well with any outfit, and it'll bring attention to that manicure that you got a few days ago.

What's not to love about them? Check out this guide to learn more about why you should make a statement rings a part of your accessory arsenal.

What is a Statement Ring?

Statement rings are large rings with colorful gemstones that are designed to draw a lot of attention. They're bold and unique, so it makes it easy for the wearer to use them to show off their unique personality. 

Don't think that they're gaudy because they're bigger and clunkier than other rings. They can complement any style pretty nicely. 

They Work for Any Occasion

Going out on the town with a few friends? Heading to a fancy dinner party for work? A bold statement ring will be the perfect accessory for both. 

You can keep things simple by wearing a single ring or pair your best statement rings with a bracelet or two. Whatever you do, it will match your outfit. 

A Big Statement Ring Will Bring Attention to Your Nails

The thing about statement rings is that they bring a lot of attention to your hands. So if you've gotten a beautiful manicure lately, wearing a ring will draw eyes to it. 

Our advice if you're asking how to wear a statement ring with a manicure is to go as colorful and bold as you can. As long as it matches your nails and outfit, don't hold back. 

Less is More 

All you need is one statement ring to throw your look together. Again, you can put on bracelets or a necklace to go with it, but that's completely optional. 

A boring pair of jeans and a t-shirt can be brought to life by using a colorful ring. That's all you need to show off your personality and bring your unique sense of style to the table. 

They're Becoming a Classic Look 

If you look at the models on magazine covers and pay attention to how celebrities dress, a lot of them are sporting statement rings. These rings have been getting a lot of attention as of late and have become a classic look for any occasion and photoshoot. 

Grab Attention by Rocking a Beautiful Statement Ring 

Are you looking for an accessory to tie your evening look together? Need to find something to go with the pantsuit that you're wearing to work? Why not slip on a statement ring or two? 

The big, bold design will gather a lot of attention and go with about any outfit. Check out our store to find a ring that will suit your look.