What Are Sapphires and Why Are They Magical in Custom Jewelry?

What Are Sapphires

Are you interested in buying your next jewelry piece? Do you want the perfect new accessory for yourself, or perhaps a beautiful engagement ring? There are plenty of beautiful gems to choose from, but sapphires are one of the most popular. But why? 

We love sapphires for their colors and shine, but there's more to them than meets the eye. 

What Are Sapphires and How Are They Formed? 

Sapphire is a type of precious gem of the corundum variety. It's one of the most popular gems used in jewelry for everything from fashion jewelry to high-end engagement rings. 

Natural sapphires take millions of years to form. When igneous rocks are cooling, chunks of rocks form from the minerals that are present. The various types of minerals dictate the color of the sapphire. 

After the "nucleus" or center of the sapphire forms, minerals gather around it to form the gem. This continues until or unless the sapphire change's surroundings, and the sapphire is no longer viable. Most natural sapphires have "inclusions" or small defects from crystalline formations.

There are sapphire deposits all over the world. 

History of Sapphires 

Sapphires have always been associated with romance, royalty, and elegance. Princess Diana herself wore a sapphire engagement ring, given to her by Prince Charles. It's a true fairytale gem. 

In the middle ages, sapphires were used to attract blessings. Clergymen wore them to symbolize heaven and the blessed Virgin Mary. Early priests believed that sapphires held virtues that could benefit humanity. At this time, people also believed that sapphires would change color if adulterers wore them. 

Before that, in ancient societies, royalty used sapphires for protection, believing that they could ward off harm and envy. 

This led to sapphires being used for medical use. 

Lithotherapy is the practice of using gems to heal the sick. While some holistic practitioners and laypeople still partake in this practice today, it was more popular in ancient times. 

People believed that sapphires could improve eyesight, cure allergies, lower high fevers, and even heal cancer. Some people believed that blue sapphires could prevent nightmares and increase longevity. 

Colors of Sapphires 

Most people are under the impression that all sapphires are a bright blue color, but this isn't true. While blue sapphires are often the most treasured, there are colors to suit any aesthetic. 

Sapphires come in violet, pink (another popular option), a pale blue that mimics white, padparadscha, yellow, orange, and more. Special "star sapphires" look different from standard ones. They have inclusions that mimic a star shape.

What Makes Sapphires Expensive? 

Aside from how long natural sapphires take to form, they're valuable for other reasons. They're a 9 on the Mohs scale, making them the third hardest gem. This makes them good for everyday wear (this makes them popular for engagement rings). 

Natural sapphires are also rarer than other precious gems, including diamonds. This makes them valuable and unique! 

Are Sapphires Right for Your Next Jewelry Purchase?

Whether you're interested in a durable and beautiful gem for an engagement ring, or you want to buy some jewelry for yourself, sapphires are a great choice. Why not get a custom ring with beautiful sapphire? 

They're unique, strong, colorful, and they have a fascinating history behind them. What's not to love? 

When you're ready to buy your next piece of jewelry, we want to make your vision come to life. Let us craft your perfect piece with our custom jewelry design, or visit our shop