The Private Collection: Michelle's Favorite Rocks

We know it can be hard to decide which of our beautiful rocks to choose from in our private collection, that's why we put together a list of Michelle's favorite rocks!

Michelle went through our entire private collection and put together a list of her favorite stones, what she likes about them, and what makes them uniquely beautiful.

Keep reading to learn Michelle's most favorite stones from across the globe!

Ocean Jasper From Madagascar

Ocean Jasper from Madagascar

This is Michelle's favorite rock, and when she saw one, she knew it needed to be part of her collection. "I bought this rock when I was totally broke. I saw it in a rock shop, and there was no way I could leave without it so I borrowed $100 from a friend.  It’s my favorite rock and it’s absolutely beautiful!" Michelle says. 

Ocean Jasper is actually the trade name for a multicolored stone that comes from Madagascar. It typically has a spherical patterning and is commonly referred to as orbicular jasper. It's not translucent unless it's cut extremely thin, and typically is from northern Madagascar and comes in a variety of colors. 

What Makes Ocean Jasper Unique?

When you cut ocean jasper very thin and examine it under a polarized light microscope, the stone reveals a flower-like pattern. It's distinguished by its circular pattern (orbs) on a background matrix.

These stones were originally only able to be mined in a remote location when the tide was low. There are now new deposits the rock is mined from, but it's still only found in northern Madagascar.

Black Amethyst 

Black Amethyst

Amethyst comes in a variety of quartz in crystalline or massive form and is produced by manganese being present in clear quartz. You can identify a black amethyst stone because of its distinctive crystal formation and the deep color.

What Makes Black Amethyst Unique?

This black amethyst is the deepest color in the quartz category and is often associated as being a healing crystal. The color can change depending on how much iron is around the stone as it forms; the more iron, the more purple you're going to get.


Variscite Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah

Clay Canyon

Found in Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming, variscite is a rare stone that is usually green but can range from yellowish to green to even a blueish green. Usually, to even find these, you have to use magnification to find them in nodules, veins, or other tight spaces.

"This rock is special to me because it was a gift from my brother in laws mine and from my home state. This color is mesmerizing." Michelle says. 


What Makes Variscite Unique?

Variscite usually boasts exceptional color and appearance and is commonly used in gemstones. They can also be used to make small sculptures or even as ornamental stones.

You won't find these gems in your typical jewelry store, but instead in specialized rock stores or jewelry stores that specialize in putting rocks into jewelry. This is simply because they are not as well known, making them the perfect addition to a custom jewelry piece.


Citrine Crystal

Cloud Citrine

Citrine Crystal is a variety of Quartz known by having a pale yellow to olive golden color; the color varies depending on the aluminum and lithium inside each of the crystals' structure. Usually, you can find Citrine in Brazil, Russia, and the United States. Citrine is associated with amethyst because by heat-treating it, you can create Citrine. 

What Makes Citrine Crystal Unique?

One of the main characteristics of Citrine is its healing powers. Some believe that if you keep citrine close to you will attract happiness, wealth, and prosperity; overall, you will receive positive energy. 

You can incorporate Citrine Crystal in jewelry, either on a necklace, earring, or ring. The resulting piece created with this unique crystal is beautiful and a statement piece you will want to wear every day. 


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