The Best Stones for Healing and Health in 2021

best stones for healing

If you ask a medical professional, they might scoff at the idea of using stones for healing. But those who actually try it, well, they'll tell you a different story. 

Now, you may want to get in on the trend. But what are the best stones for healing? Here are our picks.

Understanding the Power of Healing Stones

Different types of crystals have noted healing properties, according to the people who use them. Some soothe the mind, while others relax the body. And then there are the rocks and gems that make you feel better from the inside out. 

That's a comprehensive way of describing the power of healing stones. To understand why you might use one, well, that will require taking a deep dive into the side-effects of doing so. 

Why Use Healing Stones?

Of course, you'd pick up some healing stones with the intention of using them to better your mind and body. But which stones will best serve you in that effort? 

Here are some answers to the question, "Why?"

Here are our six favorite healing stones, which create good energy, remove negativity, improve health, and more.


This precious gemstone is wearable in jewelry form, so it's easy to keep it close to you throughout the day. You'll want it with you if you have stress or anxiety since amethyst has shown to reduce these sentiments. Plus, those who use amethyst as a health stone have said that it helps them sleep more restfully. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can boost your energy and your emotions. It can make it easier to build relationships and harmonize with others. Those who hold clear quartz have said that the stone makes them feel more balanced in their emotions, too.


Carnelian balances emotions. Specifically, it is said to give people the strength to overcome their negative thoughts and mental setbacks. And it gives you the courage to make the right decisions in your life, whatever they may be. 

All of these sentiments are sure to promote a much stronger and more positive sense of mental health.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can amplify one's feelings of self-love, for starters. Feeling good about yourself is majorly important to your mental health. 

Healthy relationships with others have a slew of positive effects on your mind and body, too. For example, loving bonds with family and friends help us to live longer.


While some stones create positive vibes, others protect you from negativity. One such stone is malachite, which is said to absorb negative vibes and even pollutants. It also inspires its holders to break out of their routines and patterns — if you want to be bold, grab a bit of malachite to help you.

Black Tourmaline

Here are another one of the negative-energy-absorbing healing stones. Black tourmaline can reduce feelings of anxiousness and replace them with positive vibrations. If that isn't the perfect stone to add to your collection in 2021, we don't know what is. 

Choose the Best Stones For Healing

In the end, only you can decide which are the best stones for healing. Which of the above gems target your particular area of need? The answer to that question will determine the right crystal for you. 

If you want to carry your stones with you in a creative way, consider wearing them on a necklace or in a ring. Our jewelry features some of these and other healing gemstones — find your perfect match, both aesthetically and spiritually. Check out our collection for more ideas, or consider having a custom stone-centric piece made to boost your vibration.