Know Your Stone Properties for Healing & Spirituality

Jewelry is a great way to express your personality to the world. What is your jewelry saying about your personality though? Stones in your jewelry have many benefits.

Stone properties can be metaphysical and have healing and spiritual meanings. Your choice of stones can say a lot about your personality. Let's look at what different stones mean. 

Stone Properties

Each stone has specific properties to consider when choosing your jewelry. Below are a few popular stones and the properties of each one. 


Amethyst gives off sedative energy. The stone properties facilitate spirituality and a sense of contentment. Properties include strength, peach, and stability. It can also enhance your psychic ability. 


Aquamarine is all about strength. The stone properties encourage spirituality and help with actualization. Properties include knowledge, protection, and a sense of courage. 


Emerald is a tranquil stone. The stone properties help with memory and clarity in the mind. Properties include harmony in the body, loyalty, sensitivity and a tranquil state. 


Garnet stones can bring energy flow. The stone properties help with increasing and balancing your energy. Properties include a sense of stability, love, sense of order, devotion, and commitment. 


Moonstone provides increased female energy. Based on the lunar properties it's got great environmental and spiritual elements. The stone properties regulate cycles and rhythms. It helps you to reach your destination as well. Properties include emotional balance and intuition. 


Opal can spark your imagination. The stone properties help with creativity. It is a great stone for artistic and creative people. Properties include a sense of imagination, creativity, and inspiration. 

Quartz Crystal

Quartz has healing powers, and many seek it for health and spirituality issues. Stone properties promote wellness and healing. Properties include clearing of consciousness and clarity. 


Ruby is a very strong stone-like is striking red color. The stone properties promote a sense of protection and spirituality. Properties include a sense of wealth, protection, spiritual balance, love and nurturing. 


Sapphire is a beautiful stone that brings prosperity. The stone properties promote a sense of joy and peace of mind. Properties include feelings of joy and happiness, peace of mind, prosperity and beauty. 


Silver creates a sense of balance for the stones it often incases. Silver is often used as a setting and holds the gems. This balance allows for a good structure to enhance the stone's properties.

Silver has a lunar balance and energy. Stone properties promote balance and cleansing of the soul. Properties include a sense of balance, eloquence, and cleansing. It's called a mirror to the soul. 

The Importance of Stone Properties

Each stone has a unique property that is significant. When choosing jewelry consider the stone properties and the benefits. What we wear as jewelry says a lot about our inner soul and beliefs.

Choosing stones that align with our values provides insight into our inner beliefs. It's also good to choose stones that align with goals and motivations. 

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